New Features with Ossia V1.3.x

Launch of the Ossia V1.3.x

Ossia is the latest OS for Provision-ISR’s DVR/NVR systems. The Ossia software is designed to provide unconditional security for
homes, offices, banks, schools, supermarkets, petrol service stations, residential quarters, factories, etc. it can be accessed from
local or remote locations.

• Automatic Cloud Updates
Updating your NVR/DVR is fully automated with our cloud update
server technology all done with a click of a button.
• Point of Sale Integration Capabilities
All our DVR/NVR is now fully compatible with any Point of Sale,
text overlay system in the market.
• Smart Configuration
• Enhanced Security Features

• Smart Search
Smart search allows the user to perform smart playback on supported
channels and cameras using different types of searches and filters.
It can actually perfrom basic analytics over recorded video (Playback).
The available smart search options are:
– Full frame
– Line Crossing (Bi-Directional)
– Polygon Areal Search (4 Corners)
– Facial Recognition
• Up to 8MP Quality
• Basic and Full Analytics Support


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